Since all posts in this blog are drawings, posting a sketch of a photo taken with Wes Miles of Ra Ra Riot last November 2.

I left the festival where Ra Ra Riot was playing with 3 more bands remaining. My head was aching from being under the sun the whole day and from holding back sobs during Ra Ra Riot’s set. I was actually teary eyed esp. when they sung songs from The Rhumb Line. They were in fact the number one reason I flew to Singapore and watched the festival alone (friends couldn’t make it). So essentially, after their set, my day was made.

So I was exiting the venue when I saw a flash of salmon across me: Wes Miles with the rest of the band (sans Rebecca). Of course I asked to have my photo taken. I told them that I flew from Manila for them even if I was alone. I practically went the extra mile to see Wes Miles and the gang. Hahaha. But really.

Anyhoo, this serendipitous meeting really made the trip and the tears all worth it because that’s what I fantasize every time I am to see a favorite band: that I see them somewhere off-stage by being at the right place, at the right time.

Excuse me, I have to cry again. Hahaha!

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